1 maj 2012

Attack: Shale Gas Poland 2012: The Energy Independence Conference

Shale Gas Poland 2012: The Energy Independence Conference

 Conference Program 

May 9th, 2012 (Wednesday), 9:00-17:00, Warsaw
**Location: Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego, ul. Sapieżyńska 10a** 
9:00 Registration 
10:00 Opening remarks
Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski, President of the Board, Casmir Pulaski Foundation
10:15 Panel I Geopolitics

Poland is inevitably becoming the newest competitor on the natural gas market in Europe. Could the exploitation of shale gas possibly constitute an energy independent Poland? Could shale wealth alter Poland’s role in the European Union? What impact can the commercial exploitation of shale have on Poland’s long term energy policy?
Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski, President of the Board, Casmir Pulaski
Mr. Angel Angelov, Economic and Commercial Counselor, Embassy of Bulgaria
Ms. Grazyna Mądrzak-Beniowska, Infrastructure Sector Attaché, Embassy of the French Republic
Dr. Bogusław Winid, Undersecretary of State of Poland for Security Policy(*)
11:45 Coffee break 
12:00 Panel II Economics
While several member states have been critically affected by the financial crisis in Europe, Poland proved to be economically stable and is modernizing steadily. How profitable can shale exploitation really be for Poland? Could shale gas equal a social welfare state? Could future taxation and regulatory policies on shale gas prove to be a lifeline?
Dr. Jacek Tomkiewicz, Expert on Economy, Casimir Pulaski Foundation; Leon Kozminski Academy
Mr. Tomasz Chmal, Energy Expert and Partner, White&Case
Ms. Agnieszka Durlik-Khouri, Expert, National Chamber of the Economy of Poland
Mr. Andrew Kureth, Editor-in-Chief at Warsaw Business Journal
Dr. Robert Zajdler, Zajdler Energy Lawyers
13:30 Lunch break 
14:15 Panel III Technology
Poland’s shale reserves may be smaller than earlier estimates presumed. How credible are these current estimates regarding shale basins? What is the difference between the amount of shale gas available and the amount that can be exploited? Which technologies would be most effective considering Poland’s environmental conditions but would be more costly?
Mr. Maciej A. Kowalski, Fracturing Engineer, United Oilfield Services
Mr. Douglas Duncan, Energy Resources Program, U.S. Geological Survey
Dr. Mariusz Orion-Jędrysek, Professor, University of Wrocław
Dr. Konrad Świrski, CEO, Transition Technologies S.A.
Dr. Bohdan Żakiewicz, Director, Polish Laboratory of Radical Technologies
Dr. Piotr Wozniak, Chief Geologist, Polish Geological Institute(*)

Closing remarks
Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski, President of the Board, Casmir Pulaski Foundation 
16:00 Networking Reception

(*) Invited but not confirmed. 


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